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Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site and learn about THE Premier homewatch and pet sitting service in the Southwest Florida area. Liberty Home and Pet Services, LLC helps the person working through the day, traveling, a shut in, partial year resident, or a person simply overloaded in their daily life that needs a qualified and reliable person to help them watch their home and pets while they are away.

Beyond immediate family, your home and pets are simply the most important financial and emotional investments. We specialize in pet care for geriatric conditions, cognitive dysfunction, senior care, and special needs animals. Our homewatch service is second to none with regular communication followup on demand. Finally, do NOT worry about the person entering your home, we are licensed, insured, and bonded since 2004!

We are Naple's premier homewatch and in-home pet care provider in our 14th year in the Naples area. We are professionally trained to provide the highest quality professional pet sitting, homewatch, and pet friendly light cleaning services and MOST importantly are Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.

We have seen 30+ pet sitting people/providers in the Naples area come and go often leaving their customers stranded after shutting down. These pet services may have "lost the love" of animal care, or were not educated or skilled in giving quality pet care, but most went out of business charging "discount pricing" that simply could never support a quality service. There are always a few low cost services popping up but please beware - most homewatch and animal owners have sadly found the hard way they got what they paid for - little, poor, unskilled, or even fraudulent services. Our repeat customers gladly pay our rates knowing they do NOT have to worry about their pets or their homes under our care, the two most important investments in their lives. NAPPS Logo

We are on call 24/7 and operate as a team of licensed, insured, and bonded professionals able to respond to any home or pet needs including geriatric or special-needs pet assistance. With over 30 years of pet care and training experience you are simply going to get the best service available in the Southwest Florida area! View some of our benefits below to our customers and community. For additional services plus the many customer testimonials CLICK-HERE.

A quick list of some of LHAPS benefits include the following:
Security for your home and pets watching over them.
No imposition on friends/family to monitor your home or pets.
Confidence and reliability in a professional making regular visits.
Convenience in getting quick response and at irregular times via 24 hr cell phone access.
Pet health is optimized keeping them in their own, stress-free environment.
Floral care for those having invested in their plants and greenery.
Additional errand and client services.
Follow up calls, emails, or even digital photos if requested.
American Pet First Aid, Certified & CPR trained.

We do not pay for advertising because all of our business is from strong recommendations from local Veterinarians, The Humane Society, Animal Rescues, Pet Parents, and Professional Trainers. As with most businesses, word of mouth is the ultimate endorsement and we thank all the folks that have passed on good words about us.

Marcia Breithaupt, Owner, Liberty Home and Pet Services, LLC

Liberty Home and Pet Services is VERY proud of our reputable business so we are licensed, insured, and bonded for Collier County in Florida. Yes, you can have a neighbor look in on your pets. Yes, you can hire a $10 pet sitter service. But what are you REALLY getting?

Is this neighbor insured if your jewelry comes up missing? What happens to you if your unlicensed "friend" uses you as a business reference but becomes entangled in business problems with another party - you may be asked to legally defend your relationship!

Have you ever tried to place a financial claim against a non-bonded service and be denied or rejected? Bonding ensures the monies are available to quickly pay for any damages, not just a legal win that received no payout.

We take our legal and business credentials VERY seriously and proudly display our certificates for download for your review and verification if you CLICK-HERE.

Many people have paid a friend or neighbor to pet-sit their animals but what happens if your animal bites your friend? LAWSUITS!

DogBiteIn most states if a dog bites you, you are able to sue the owner for injury and damages. But, what if you are sitting their dog and compensated for it? Not only could the temporary "sitter" sue for damages but possibly even for lost wages during recovery and future income since you compensated that person under states with "sub-contractor" laws which become very murky.

We caution all pet owners to use ONLY a licensed, insured, and bonded professional pet sitter to help prevent such lawsuits against the pet owner. In addition, most qualified professional sitters will make a preliminary consultation and discuss any aggressive tendancies and how to handle them to help prevent such incedences.

CLICK-HERE to learn about such a recent lawsuit from a friend sitting for a small fee and the suit they brought on the owner. Law suits over such pet accidents are becoming a legal mess so we encourage all pet owners to review their home owner insurance policies and ask your insurance agent about pet liabilities.

We do NOT "hide" our pricing behind "call for pricing" requests for most pet sitters. We are very up-front about our service costs because we know we are the BEST. We commonly offer discounts for repeat customers, multi-day visits, and long-term packages. To review our standard price structures before discounts, please CLICK-HERE.

We sometimes have customers "telephone price-shopping" for a low cost in-home pet service. We certainly understand the obvious financial goal but the owners commonly do not realize the true value added of in-home pet care over conventional boarding. Many do not want to pay the high costs of boarding or sometimes have animals that simply cannot be boarded yet they assume in-home costs should be lower, not higher, than a typical boarding facility when the opposite is true. We make strong efforts to inform the customer of the merits of a professional in-home service and after short conversation the owners often realize the high value and commit to our service.

PoolManWhen price shoppers call I often ask, "do you value your you pet and home more than your pool"? A person that must be timely, responsible, and have high liabilities taking care of your pet and entering your home should have high credentials, licensing, insurance, and bonding, support mechanisms, and be career minded to ensure professional and high quality service.

After acknowledging such value of a professional pet sitter I follow up regarding the price asking, "how much do you pay your pool service per visit"? In the Naples area a weekly pool service runs $20-$30/visit. But, these services do not come inside most homes, are not taking care of a live animal or your home, are usually not highly skilled, trained, or certified, and rarely spend more than 20 minutes on site. There is no question a pool service is an important component to many homeowners but the liabilities and trust you must put in your in-home professional pet sitter is overwhelming by comparison.

Based upon the simple thoughts above, the "A-HAH!" moment often occurs and most customers quickly agree and commit to our services. Once you review the in-home pet sitting value and compare it to other pet related or home services we are confident you will find Liberty Home And Pet Services a tremendous value in the long run. To learn more about the benefits of our services please CLICK-HERE.

Sometimes businesses in the area simply go above and beyond our expectations in product or service and we like to pass these on to our LHAPS customers. These businesses have NOT paid us in any way or given free goods or services, they are simply good and we want you to know about them.

Sabal PalmSabal Palm Animal Hospital: Sabal Palm has helped our little 11 year old sheltie Rosi and our 19 year old (yes, 19!) tabby cat Rusty through recent health bouts. Rusty has always had bronchial issues but his weight dropped to 5.5 pounds and we were really worried about losing him this time. Thanks to the amazing and loving care from the ladies at Sabal Palm, he flew through his inspection and blood tests without trouble. He has NEVER been a happy cat at the vet but he just did great with his first visit to the Sabal Palm girls. Thanks again!

Top Dog KitchenTopDogKitchen: Our little Rosi had some weight issues in 2012 so we put her on a high protein diet. It worked great lowering her from 22 down to 16 pounds but she also became intollerent to this diet everyday and eventually quit eating. We met the folks at TopDog and they created a special compound for Rosi of chicken and rice which she LOVES. She would eat the entire 1 pound container if we let her! Rosi's weight came back up and her appetite returned so now we will go back to a balanced diet mixing the TopDog program with her high protein program. We just cannot say enough nice about their healthy and tasty foods. I have caught my husband several times accidentally opening up Rosi's refrigerated dinners thinking it was "people food". Yes...it's that good!

WeatherConsidering recent weather disasters throughout the USA, we are VERY sensitive about pre-disaster preparation and post-disaster response support information. Fortunately for many of our customers that were impacted in the New York/New Jersey area, we were able to assist them watching over their homes.

We have expanded emergency support sections to our website showing weather information, emergency shelters, government agencies, post disaster telephone numbers, utility info, and counseling support. To learn more about local services available CLICK-HERE.

As a courtesy to our customers we often post our live webcam view of the weather looking out the back of the house which faces due east. Unfortunately, we must sometimes disable the webcam due to so many people viewing it that it overloads our uploading connection on our cable modem service. We will post the live image for now but it might need to be turned off occasionally to block such webcam streamers that "squat" on the image. If you want an updated image, simply hit the browser "refresh" icon or the "F5" function key on Windows keyboards. Enjoy!  



As a member of the Advisory Board for the Collier County Domestic Animal Services, owner Marcia Breithaupt is a strong supporter in the adoption of all available animals. Below are active links to the CollierPets.com web site which posts adoptable "Pet of the week ". Also, PetHarbor.com is a great location to track lost animals so please CLICK-HERE to link out for more info.

Click on the dog or cat images and you will link out to more information on these animals. Simply hit your web browser "refresh" button (or the "F5" key) and this web page will update pulling a fresh set of images of other dogs and cats. These photos and information are updated everyday so please check back on a regular basis. Please adopt!

Keep an eye on the weather... your home and pets depend upon you!



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